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Simon Galbraith

Red Gate Software
My interest in Agile is that I believe that in working out how to run software projects in a much better way the Agile movement also uncovered how all sorts of other human activities could be improved. I'm interested in pioneering Agile approaches to problems I have in running a medium sized company.

Simon Galbraith is the co-founder and CEO of Red Gate Software. Over the past forteen years, together with co-founder and school friend Neil Davidson, Simon has been part of Red Gate’s growth from a two-person firm operating out of a spare room to today’s 299-person outfit with hundreds of thousands of users.

Red Gate creates ingeniously simple tools for developers, database developers and DBAs. Red Gate first started using agile techniques in development around six years ago, and over time these have become an increasingly vital and irreplaceable part the way we work in most areas of the company's operations.

Simon was one of the founders of the Business of Software conference, founded a successful peer learning group (the Cambridge Leaders Academy), and has served as chairman or governor on the boards of various Cambridge-based educational institutions.